Using the printer 

• What is the maximum size of the object that can be printed? 

Workspace of MendelMaxPRO 3D printer is 20 x 20 x 16 cm (L x W x H). Object could be positioned at the build table diagonally, so the maximal length of the object that can be printed in one piece is approx. 28 cm. When printing large objects it is necessary to follow certain rules.

• Which software MendelMaxPRO uses?

MendelMaxPRO is using the Marlin firmware. For preparing 3D model for print we suggest Slic3r and for printer control Pronterface. All software is open source and we are delivering it with the printer. 

 Which file formats of 3D models are supported?  

Model to be printed should be in STL format. Export to STL is available in majority of the 3D design applications.

 I have problems with printing long (12 cm) narrow object in ABS, it warps and unsticks from the table.

All materials used for 3D printing shrink when cooling, which is especially the case for ABS. When printing long objects, having significant height (>1-2 cm), cooling (and shrinking) of top layers produce tension, which causes deformations. By following a few simple rules, you can prevent that undesirable effect:

      1. Check the calibration of the build plate. If it is not leveled, at points where print head is more distant from the plate, object will be weakly bound to the substrate,
      2. Clean the build plate. Traces of grease weaken adhesion. Surface of the build plate covered with Kapton tape can be cleaned with alcohol, acetone, and nitro diluter.
      3. Turn on the brim option in slicing program. Additional surface will increase adhesion.
      4. When printing ABS turn the fan off. For small objects rather decrease the printing speed or print multiple objects together to allow cooling.


 What types of filaments could be used for your 3D printer? PLA, ABS or both?

MendelMaxPRO is using 3mm filaments.It can use any material intended for 3D printing, e.g. ABS, PLA, Polystyrene, PET, Nylon, Bendlay, LAYWOO-D3 wood filament, Sandstone LAYBRICK. Please check our offer of filaments!

3D design

 How can I get the 3D models to print?

If you have specific requirements please let us know and we will offer you the design of the object you need. At the Thingiverse site you can find large number of 3D objects ready to be printed.

 How can I export 3D file from AutoCAD 2010 to STL?

      1. Click on Output tab->Send panel->Export.
      2. Enter the file name into the Export Data form.
      3. At Files of Type choose Lithography (*.stl). Click on Save.
      4. Select one or more objects. All objects have to be within the positive XYZ octant of the global coordinate system (WCS), i.e. X, Y, and Z coordinats should be positive.
      5. STL extension will be automatically added to the file name. 


 Which is the delivery time for the MendelMaxPRO kit?

Delivery time is 10 working days.